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Hey there,

I’ve gone mad.

GIF of Simpson character being taken away to mental hospital

If you ask my husband he’ll tell you I already went mad a long time ago… but I’m serious. I’ve gone totally berserk — over video.

It’s the literal future of online marketing.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a 1.5 min video clip that will convince you of the future of video marketing (or the level of my insanity.)

Thumbnail for video about video marketing trends

Watch Video

Because of this, the 6-week coaching program I’m building will involve a lot of video. “Build your online video profile for the future” is what my first client is calling it. He actually starts today!

What kills me is not enough people are jumping on this opportunity. And it’s mainly for these reasons:

  1. They’re camera-shy. 🥺
  2. It’s time-consuming to make videos. 😥
  3. Video editing seems complex. 😵‍💫

Sure, making videos isn’t easy. But I think a lot of these reasons are procrastination.

Everyone’s camera-shy when they first start making videos, even extroverts like me.

If you learn how to script your videos properly, you can record them quicker.

There are so many good (free) video editing tools out there that make you feel like a wizard.

You just have to spend a bit of time figuring out the best tools and workflow for you.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to hunt down every one of those “reasons” and murder them on LinkedIn using the hashtag #LenaDoesVideo.

And share the tools and workflow I use. With the hashtag.

So make sure you’re following me (and #LenaDoesVideo):

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Now for this month’s tips for building a digital presence! 🍾

Tips for building a digital presence 🎯

Let’s try and stick to the theme of engaging with people 1:1 on social media.

Tip #1: Break the habit of writing.

What? Don’t build a habit of writing?

Yup. When you message someone directly on LinkedIn (the “DMs” if you’re a cool LinkedIner.)

Instead of typing a message, try this instead:

  • Send an audio message.
  • Send a video.

You’ll get more replies and people will remember you better. That way, you’re top of mind when they do need your product or services.

✨ Pro tip: Use the LinkedIn mobile app to record videos in LinkedIn and send them in the DMs directly.

GIF of LinkedIn native videos in DMs

If you don’t have this feature on your phone, download the Vidyard Chrome extension that directly integrates with the LinkedIn DMs.

Tip #2: Stop asking boring questions.

All a question like “how’s your week going?” does is elicit a yawn on both sides. Try one of my favourite questions instead:

“What are you working on right now that you’re most excited about?”

Or any of these 6 questions @amandanat shared in a tweet a few weeks ago. Quite the brain teasers.

Tip #3: Check-in with people whose questions you’ve answered in the past.

I keep a running list of people I’ve helped and every few months I reach out to see how they’re doing.

For example, this person asked me whether they should post every day on LinkedIn a few months ago. So I recently followed up with:

Screenshot of LinkedIn direct messages

Doing this shows you care about their progress, lets you stay top-of-mind and gives you insights into what other problems you can solve for your audience. It’s how I turn my fans into superfans.

GIF of woman curling a water bottle and a fan in background

Alright, let’s get to the cool internet gems for this month.

Cool Internet Gems 💎

Warning: Creator mode could be hurting you, that bully!

How to repurpose your LinkedIn content like a pro.

A simple 4-step playbook on how to get clients through social selling. (Your girl made sure the last step was a personalized video. ☺️)

This 5-day email course from Justin Borge helped me finally understand the black box that was SEO.

To find out how people are *really* doing, Zoe Hartsfield recommends asking this question.

Looking for jobs, freelance gigs, podcast appearances or collab opportunities in marketing & tech? Get on @amandanat’s list.

And that’s all I got!

Chat soon,



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